Upgrading to iOS 5: The Ordeal

So I've been looking forward to iOS 5 ever since Apple announced it back in the summer. It had several features that I dearly wanted: like Notification Center, location aware reminders, system wide Twitter integration, and more. Plus who doesn't like the newest and the best? Finally, after months of waiting, Apple announced on October 4th that iOS 5 would be available on October 12th.

I'm no Apple fanboy, but I do like my iPhone and so I couldn't wait to get home and start the upgrade process. I plugged my phone in and fired it up...and go an error...something about not being able to connect to the Sync Server. "That's talking about iCloud" I thought. "I don't care about that really, so ignore it". My phone started backing up and left the room. I came back 20 minutes later to see that the download for iOS 5 had started and was going to take, WHAT? 10 hours?!

Oh well, I was at home, and I had work to do. So I left it alone and got to work. Before bed I checked and the time remaining had at least gone it was only at 5 hours remaining. Sigh. Off to bed. My youngest son woke me up in the middle of the night, so after I got him settled I went downstairs to check on the download. "Download done! Success! I thought!" Now I just needed to wait until it was actually installed. Back to bed, and up at 6:15 with my son (thanks Mason).

When I got up, I took my son into the office with me and showed that my phone was being formatted. "That's a good sign right?" Change a diaper. Check on the iPhone. Feed Mason breakfast. Check on the iPhone. Finally it was done...but it appeared as if my lovely iPhone, with all my apps and contacts, and media, was set to a blank, default state. Slide to unlock. I saw "Restore iPhone. Yes!". Click and the restore process started.

Feed the other two rugrats that were hungry. Check on the iPhone. Eat breakfast on my own. Check on the iPhone (are you sensing a pattern here?). Finally it was done. I unplugged my iPhone and slide to unlock. It was glorious, I heard angels singing and birds chirping.

Okay...I didn't get any of that. The first thing I noticed was a few new icons (Reminders, Newstand), and some missing icons. LOTS of missing icons in fact. Several of my most used apps were gone. Cam+? Missing. Bewjeweled 2? Missing! Words With Friends, Tiny Tower, and about 15 or 20 other apps all gone! I didn't have time to deal with this! I swiped down from the status bar to make sure that my precious Notification Center worked and my daughter and I were out the door and off to school. (I know right? I'm such a good Dad!).

So as it stands right now, I'm less than thrilled with iOS 5 and the upgrade process. I can't find where I'm supposed to set up Twitter integration with the OS; I can't use arbitrary addresses with location reminders; the Notification bar is meh (maybe that'll change once I get all my apps back). At least I have a functional phone running the most "advanced OS on the planet" right? Right? Sigh.

UPDATE So it looks like it was somehow my fault. I found out during the day today that I had somehow entered the incorrect Apple ID for my phone. So it restored some apps but not others. Anyway, when I got home I changed the Apple ID, restored the phone and got all my apps back. So problem appears to be solved. Now if Apple will just let me enter an arbitrary address for location reminders we'll be in good shape!

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