Andy Matthews

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An innovative and performance-driven Senior Software Engineer and key member of the technology team, with a proven ability to identify and understand needs, create solutions, and deliver value. Experienced in constructing software architecture suited to rapid deployment across multiple projects to reduce development times and costs.

Communication / Relationship Building: Exceptional communication, and presentation skills. An influencer with the ability to build robust and mutually beneficial business relationships at all levels. Highly adept at translating complex technical details into audience-appropriate and actionable terminology.

20+ years' experience: Creating scalable solutions, user and client relations, application development, growth engineering, programming, web design, UI/UX, graphic design, and full stack development.

Speaker and Author: Co-author of two software books, written for numerous organizations including Adobe, NetTuts, and NY Mag. Served as guest speaker at multiple industry events.

Trusted Partner: Interacting with key stakeholders including users, clients, cross-functional team members, and senior leadership, providing strategic advisement on problem resolution, opportunities, and development solutions.


• Full Stack Development
• Web Development
• Agile Development
• Code Reviews
• Reusable Code / Components
• Graphic Design
• Growth Engineering
• Trends / Emerging Technologies
• User Support
• Team Training / Mentoring
• Troubleshooting
• Certified Scrum Master


TechnologyAdvice - Nashville, TN 2020 - 2023

Senior Software Engineer / Interim Web Development Manager (2022 - 2023)

Based on previous experience with the WordPress platform at TechnologyAdvice I was asked to become interim Web Development Manager; from December 2022 - July 2023.

  • Worked with product team to create epics, determine requirements, and assign work to the developers on the team.
  • Created regular reports for management team to highlight progress.
  • Contributed to the high level discussions for the in-progress hosting platform development.
  • Acted as team scrum-master: running planning, standups, and retros.

Technologies: Google Analytics, PHP, WordPress.

Senior Software Engineer (2020 - 2022)

Served as a senior software engineer. Trained and mentored junior engineers, and partnered on the planning, architecture, and building of the Intent Clicks ad platform, which has earned over $8 million in revenue since 2021.

  • Design and implement unit and integration tests, leading to decreases in production bugs and ensuring a more reliable product for end-users.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to translate business requirements into technical specifications, ensure alignment, and drive the successful delivery of feature-rich releases ahead of schedule.
  • Conduct code reviews and provide mentorship to junior engineers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Research and remain current on emerging technologies and trends. Partner with cross-functional team members and leadership, providing SME advisement on enhancements and development opportunities.
  • Served as a bridge between internal technical and non-technical teams as well as other key stakeholders. Utilized user feedback and internal metrics to deliver improved user experiences and scalable process improvements.
  • Presented software solutions to senior leadership and key stakeholders. Ensuring alignment, shared expectations, and successful delivery.
  • Worked within a microservice framework to help build a web-based ad platform to service international clients.
  • Managed content migration for almost twenty websites into WordPress.
  • Built and developed WordPress tools and plugins to drive the suite of content sites.

Technologies: Laravel / Lumen, MySQL, Vue.js

Meeple Mountain - Nashville, TN 2015 - Present

Founder / Editor in Chief / Author

Serve as managing editor for a team of 12 current and 50+ previous writers, and oversee all operational, technical, and creative execution.

  • Grew Meeple Mountain from nothing to one of the most well-known board game media outlets, with an average monthly traffic of over 130,000 visitors.
  • Design and build multiple website features to improve site stickiness and increase organic traffic.
  • Graphic designer for written content, social media posts, and event assets.
  • Arrange and plan the content strategy for and associated properties.
  • Create, and implement social media campaigns for Meeple Mountain (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Schedule/edit online content for publication; currently 10+ written and video articles a week.
  • Organize events, including monthly Nashville Game Night, yearly Nashville Tabletop Day, and assorted private events.

Technologies: Buffer, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Illustrator, In Design, MySQL, PHP, Photoshop, WordPress.

Eventbrite - Nashville, TN 2014 - 2020

Senior Software Engineer

Served as senior software engineer, responsible for driving traffic & SEO successes, and designing and releasing new features. Mentored junior and mid-level software engineers.

  • Led the SEO team to triple-digit YoY organic search growth through a combination of new feature development and laser-focused experiments on existing functionality.
  • Architected and released several new features on the Eventbrite platform including Venue Profiles, Things to do in your city, Artist profile pages, Dynamic localized breadcrumb trails to increase intersite deep-linking, JSON-LD-based microformat markup, and trending search pages that aggregated user generated searches to increase search engine crawling.
  • Contributed to a 44% YoY increase in directory pages, a 320% YoY increase in artist pages, and a 39% YoY increase in event pages.
  • Partnered with team product owner to lead technical discussions and decisions.
  • Acted as team scrum master after receiving certification.

Technologies: Django, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, MySQL, Python, Redis, SASS, SEO.

Emma, Inc. - Nashville, TN 2012 - 2014

Software Engineer

Served as software engineer, responsible for various web applications at the company.

  • Worked with a team of engineers to develop a cutting-edge social media posting platform called EmmaSocial.
  • Helped develop a drag-and-drop interface for client email builder.

Technologies: Django, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, MySQL, Python, Redis, SASS, SEO. - Nashville, TN 2010 - 2012

User Experience Lead

Served as user experience and user interface lead.

  • Wrote HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the website and mobile application.
  • Designed and developed rich, compelling user interfaces.
  • Architected the user flow for the website.
  • Designed the iPhone, Android, and mobile website applications.

Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Object Oriented Perl, SASS, Template Toolkit.

Dealerskins - Nashville, TN 2007 - 2010

Senior ColdFusion Engineer

Played a key role in the entire software design process for application development including scoping and timelining, design and development, business deployment, and marketing.

  • Partnered on the establishment of enterprise-level architecture decisions and policies.
  • Assisted in solidifying application security across the entire Dealerskins codebase.
  • Wrote detailed technical and user documentation.
  • One of two authors of the Dealerskins coding guidelines and best practices handbook.
  • Served as a liaison between the development team and other departments.
  • Co-architected a complete rewrite (from Flash to HTML/JS/CSS) of our front-end inventory application.
  • Designed and developed an AJAX application that integrated with third-party web services to allow car dealerships to post vehicle classified ads on Craigslist.
  • Lead architect and designer of a custom Flex application for statistical reporting.
  • Saved Dealerskins $224,000 per year in licensing fees by writing an AJAX-based coupon application.
  • Wrote an HTML/JS/Blaze DS-based AIR application that allowed management to instantly broadcast messages to all employees.
  • Improved employee record storage and retrieval by designing and developing an employee directory AIR application written in Flex and AS3.

Technologies: AIR, ActionScript, Blaze DS, CSS, ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, XML.

Additional Professional Experience and Speaking Engagement Details Upon Request