cfObjective 2009 Keynote - The State of the Union

Keynote has started, Adam Lehman and Terrence Ryan from Adobe on stage.

Number of CF developers doubled between 2005 and 2006. Almost doubled again between 2006 and 2007. Then from 2007 and 2008, it jumped to almost 800,000 developers.

Amazing picture of Ben as a know...Ben Forta.

Centaur (CF9) to offer an exposed Service Layer. Queries, Mail, Imaging, PDF, etc.

Centaur offers integrated support for AIR, AS3 persistence library.

CF9 enhancements

onServerStart method (defined via CFAdmin).
Nested CFTransactions
CFFinally / finally
Passing implicit struct/arrays to tags and functions (THANK YOU!)
Assignment chaining (a = b = c)
Direct access to returned array indexes (myFunc()[x])

Full language support for cfscript!!

Explicit local scope for private function variables
Implicit getters and setters based on cfproperty
New import and New keywords
Support for constructors in CFCs (defined function, init, or function named after CFC)
Database to Code (ORM)

ColdFusion IDE (code name Bolt)

HTML, DOM, CSS code assist
CFML code assist
CFML insight
CFML debugging
CFML code refactoring
CFML ORM insight
Code snippets
Real time log viewer
Extend the IDE with ColdFusion itself (how awesome!)

Terry's on stage now. Here come the sneak peeks (just for you Joao)

Live display of the Bolt IDE
Adobe's new buzzword is "workflow", how Bolt can help you improve your workflow. Application.cfc now allows you to "define" datasources.
New cfscript method, writeDump(), acts just like cfdump
Terry shows off ORM generation code, works awesome.
He also shows off the ability to write your OWN ORM code generation.
ORM code generation can also generate CFCs in pure cfscript as well.

Now showing off Flex Builder 4 integration with ColdFusion.
When choosing service types in Flex, ColdFusion is the first one. Yay!
Drag and drop ORM return types onto data grids. Amazing!
Showing off new ColdFusionServices.swc, allows Flex to directly access ColdFusion functions such as cfmail.

Adam's back on stage to show even more new stuff in CF

New Server Manager
AIR app allowing grouping, clusters, JVM monitoring, etc.
Also allows users to compare CF server settings in groups (that one's for you Cutter!!)
Advanced caching: cacheGet(), cachePut(), etc.
Template cache: cache page fragment, or entire page.

CFML advisory board announcements

All upgrades and updates submitted for consideration
Public bugbase and enhancement requests coming soon.

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